Yes! He hears!


Where do you go to talk with God?  Do you talk with God?  Moses heard God calling him from out of a burning bush.  He was shepherding his father in law’s sheep in the desert and noticed a bush on fire then, because it was on fire but not burning up, he went in for a closer look.  Even more curious, a voice addressed him from out of the bush!  I think at that point I’d faint dead away or be so scared I would wish I was dead!

Balaam was a powerful medium in the days when God was rescuing the Jews from Egypt.   The rumors were that God was performing miracles and no nation could defend themselves from the forward coming nation.   But the king of Moab bribed Balaam to put a curse on the Jewish nation.  He offered Balaam the world 3 times and each time Balaam went to God asking Him to curse the nation and each time he returned only to bless the Jews.  On the final time Balaam’s donkey seemed to really act up getting off the path on their way back to the king, crushing Balaam’s leg against a wall and finally just sitting down in the middle of the road.   This so infuriated Balaam that he started whipping the donkey and screaming that he would kill him.  Then the donkey spoke to Balaam and the crazy thing is Balaam answered!  The donkey said why are you whipping me?  Haven’t I always been your faithful servant?! Then Balaam said yes but you hurt me, you embarrassed me!   Then the donkey said I did it to avoid the angel standing in your path  ready to kill you!  Then God opened Balaam’s eyes to see what could only be seen in the Spirit realm.

This blog is committed to sharing tales of answered prayer and give you a peek into the unseeable.   The Bible says faith is believing in your heart what you can’t see with your eyes!

O taste and see that the Lord is good.   Blessed is the man, woman, boy and girl who puts their trust in Him!


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