The Secret Garden

Healing can begin when you admit you’re broken.



As you may know, I’m an actor. I’ve been working since I was five. And hands down, my favorite role was Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden.

Maybe it was because I got to throw ridiculous temper tantrums on stage, or perhaps it was because the costumes were so beautiful, or the music, but it was always my favorite role. I played it twice.

Anywho, this show, for those who are unfamiliar, is about a little girl, Mary, who arrives at her uncle’s house after her parents die from the cholera. Her uncle’s mansion is full of despair: he was jilted in love; his son, Colin, is bedridden and cannot walk; and the garden is dead. Long story short, with Mary’s arrival, she brings the house back to life: befriending Colin and teaching her Uncle how to love again, as well as bringing the garden back to life.

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