What’s that in your hand? What do you have to offer God?

When God calls He invites  you to partner with Him to accomplish big things.  He says come as you are and I will supply the rest.  For Moses it was his passion to rescue his people from slavery in Egypt.   From his infancy in Egypt’s court Moses was raised by his own mother who was hired, unwittingly by Pharaoh’s daughter, to care for him.  As he grew Moses, vexed by the brutality and mistreatment he saw perpetrated on the Jews, murdered an Egyptian slave master and ended up fleeing Egypt for his life.  It was after 40 years of herding sheep in the desert God interrupted Moses’  humdrum existence with  a proposition to rescue his people from Egypt.  He was the man for the job:  he had a passion to rescue his people, he had 40 years tending sheep and herding people wasn’t much different, and he had a staff– A prop God would use to dazzle Pharoah’s court.

Sometimes those things we come  equipped with are things about ourselves we are least proud of.  Being a fugitive from Pharaoh’s court  and shepherding his father in law’s sheep for 40 years probably weren’t great resume builders for Moses but God likes choosing the least likely to accomplish big things so only He can get the credit.

For me I have a need to prove nothing can stop me.  There’s just something in me that is relentless until the challenge is met.  Case in point we were snowed in and our water pipes frozen so to prove it couldn’t lick me I heated up buckets of snow and washed my hair.   Another example:  we bought a home with a huge hillside in the back yard with no access to the yard up above.  I took a shovel and cut out paths providing several routes to access the top yard.  I could accomplish these things because I was stubborn but also because I am strong.  My strong arms have not been my most attractive feature in my own eyes as I grew up but as I have grown up God has called me to accomplish cool things.  One thing most recently, is to shovel snow.  I have been helping out our children in Colorado for the past 2 weeks and last night a storm warning resulted in the sky dumping 2 feet of snow.  The cars were snowed in and the front entry obliterated with the cold white stuff.  All I could think was I can’t wait to shovel it off.  Not done by a long shot, but here are some picks of my handiwork.   The whole time my heart sang with praise for my strength and the will and ability to meet this challenge.    This might seem like no big deal or something you’d rather pay someone else to do.  But that’s the point.  God has made you very special.  He has given you skills, strengths, experiences, perspectives, things that make you particularly suited to answer God’s call to accomplish something very cool.  And who am I?  I am a 63 year old grandmother of 7.  I am available, how about you?

Prayer:  Dear God,  I haven’t always appreciated how You made me.  I have been self conscious and embarrassed.   Ashamed.   But I want You to know I find pleasure in being who I am.  I’m so glad I can see things that need doing and jump in with all I’ve got and do things in a big way and that makes me really glad.   The Bible says it is You that gives the desires and abilities to accomplish Your will.  Thank You.   Thank You!








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