What do you think of my story?


janjoy52 · January 17, 2016 at 9:36 PM · ·

The following thoughts came from reading a blog extolling and examining the mysteries of karma and reincarnation. My comments came after a thread of comments that complemented the author for her enlightenment, wisdom knowledge. Then I came along:

“Then there is the other possibility that there is only One God who is a Spirit being that, instead of multiple personalities has two other distinct persons He communes and operates with in love truth and unity. This one a only God never had a beginning and will never have an end (eternal, immortal). He exists outside of time and space. He knows all, sees all (omniscient), He is everywhere present at the same time (omnipresent), He is all powerful (omnipotent), He is all about relationships. Before He created our terrarium, gorgeous, self sustaining, people friendly, he knew mankind would mess it up and be cursed for disobedience. A curse that would sever man’s spiritual lifeline and ability to communicate and receive His messages. Would turn the light into darkness and forever banish his soul from true peace and true knowledge and joy. But, before He even made mankind God contrived a plan for redemption. Resolving the question of who will pay the penalty for capital crimes against God, He prepared a time in history where God, Himself, would be born in the womb of a virgin teenage girl, live like every other human being with one exception, He would always be in a right relationship to his Father God. He would obey every law without any darkness within him. Always in loving communication with our Spirit God the Father and the Holy Spirit. He would model humility and kindness and grace and mercy and compassion. He only condemned the rule makers that made it impossible to reach God by the legal burdens they laid on the backs of their people. Rules that even they could not keep.
But God came into the world not to judge or condemn but that the world through Him might be saved. Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law being made a curse for us. God’s plan, before He even made man was to take the punishment for us. When Jesus was on the cross all of God’s wrath for the sins of the whole world past, present, future, were laid on Him. Before He released His Spirit Jesus said “It is finished.” Done. Debt PAID IN FULL. Jesus spent 3 days in the tomb proclaiming to the captive souls of the dead that their freedom was won. Then He rose from the dead and told his followers He would send The Comforter. Then, while they were watching, Jesus rose up into heaven in a cloud. An angel then appeared and said Jesus will return in a cloud just as He left. In the meantime Jesus is 1. Preparing a place for us. 2. Jesus is intercedeing in prayer for us with the Father. 3. Jesus is baptizing us with the Holy Spirit. When we accept that no amount of self effort will appease God for our transgressions and accept His plan for paying our debt He rewires us with His genetic code, the Holy Spirit, adopts us as His blood children, packs us full of amazing gifts and abilities and gives us the keys to His kingdom.

What do you think of my story?


2 thoughts on “What do you think of my story?

  1. Husband and I had an interesting discussion last night about Jesus, Buddha, and Ghandi. (Cue here the Zac Brown song “Remedy”. ) Basically we were pondering what would happen when Buddha and Gandhi got to the pearly gates. Then, we tossed around who Jesus would be reincarnated as if Buddha and Gandhi were right. We decided Jesus’ next step would be Nirvana!! However because we’re sure the scenario was Buddha and Gandhi at the pearly gates, 😊, we also believe Jesus would’ve welcomed them with open arms because they were all about love. Interesting to ponder, eh?


    1. I am so sorry I missed your note. It’s fun to entertain these discussions. Fascinating to imagine scenarios in light of how we are discovering God to be. Love. That why, although I don’t believe the dear departed are watching over us, I am sure Jesus wouldn’t refuse to give them a love note from us. I can even entertain the possibility that between death and eternity God might show up to give the unsaved one more chance to make their final decision. Like the thief on the cross. I can’t help but fall more in love with LOVE!


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