A Call to Friendship with the Lord and Stages of Revival

January 17, 2016

“A Call to Friendship with the Lord and Stages of Revival”
by Luc Niebergall, Calgary, Alberta

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

You will be greatly helped by reading this Word by Luc Niebergall. We all must remember that no matter what we accomplish FOR GOD, if we do not have our FIRST LOVE intact, we simply cannot fulfill 100% of what God has planned for us.

Remember your first love and the hard work will not feel so hard, and your ministry and life will be full of the mercy of God.

It seems some of the most potent words these days are the words of Jesus reminding us to go back to the very basics of Christianity, again!

I’m working on this myself, right along with you!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News

“A Call to Friendship with the Lord and Stages of Revival”
by Luc Niebergall, Calgary, Alberta

A Vision of the Court Room in Heaven

A while back, I had a vision from the Lord that made me aware of something that is profoundly on His heart in this time. In this vision I saw myself in a court room in Heaven (Daniel 7). Around me in the courtroom were hundreds of thousands of people, Kingdom leaders, from throughout the world who were believing for a global revival. Each of us looked around to one another in wonder as to why we were summoned to this particular meeting in the courts of Heaven.

Suddenly, Jesus stepped onto the stage before us. He carried so much authority that His very presence demanded the silence of hundreds of thousands of leaders. He is indeed the King of kings. He stood quietly for a time. Then suddenly He reached behind His back and pulled something forth. What He now held out in front of us to see was a mantle. As thousands of eyes watched Him, Jesus then spoke, saying, “This was the mantle of a great man of God who led thousands of people into the Kingdom of God in his lifetime.”

Jesus said the man’s name and went on sharing with us all of the great feats that this man had accomplished for the Gospel while he was on the earth. He truly honored the man. Then Jesus said something which caught us all off guard. He said, “Yet, this man only completed 80% of the ministry that I had laid out before Him.”

When Jesus said this, everyone who listened held their breath, waiting for what Jesus was going to say next. Allowing silence to linger for a time, Jesus then finished what He wanted to say. He said, “The reason why this man only completed 80% of his ministry on the earth is because he had forgotten his first love. Since He did not put intimacy and friendship with the Godhead as his primary priority, he did not complete the mandate over his life.

Everyone looked at one another, wondering why Jesus was sharing information such as this. Jesus then continued, “Since My word cannot come back void, who here is willing to pick up this mantle to complete his mandate?” Silence reigned in the atmosphere for a time, when a woman stepped up to the stage and allowed Jesus to place the mantle on her shoulders.

When she left the stage, Jesus pulled another mantle out from behind his back. He said, “This was the mantle of a great woman of God, who led hundreds into the Kingdom in her lifetime. Yet, she only completed 20% of her ministry because she forgot her first love. My word cannot come back void, so who will pick up her mantle?” We waited again in silence until someone came up to take on the incomplete mandate. Jesus did this with dozens of mantles throughout the course of this meeting.

To Know Him – Stages of Revival

After my vision, Holy Spirit then spoke to me saying, “The most important test that any Believer will face in their lifetime is this question, ‘Do you remember your first love?'”

God is raising up a generation whose greatest desire will be to know Him. He is calling His people into the secret place to walk in intimacy with Him. Friendship with God is the greatest level of ministry, and God is looking for those who will first and foremost pursue the deep things of His heart.

We are living in amazing times, where God is birthing a revival throughout the nations like never before. More signs, wonders, miracles and salvations are happening now than ever throughout the entire course of history. The only way for us to steward this move of God that is sweeping the earth globally is for us to prioritize our friendship with God above all else. This is where true love-filled authority is forged. It is forged in the face-to-face encounters with the living God.

God is calling us all to prioritize our lives properly, that we may know Him, and as the by-product of knowing Him, complete the full mandate that is over our lives. I meet many people who are yearning for more of a fresh move of God, however, we need to understand that moves of the Spirit are birthed from the secret place with God.

The very first miracle Jesus performed was in John chapter 2 when He turned water into wine. It is important to note that the first miracle Jesus ever performed was at a wedding. It was at a place of intimacy. Friendship with the Lord always has to be our starting point for fresh outpouring.

I truly believe that revival happens in three stages. The starting point is “intimacy and friendship with God”. As we understand the heart of God in friendship, we begin to come to a place of wholeness and a revelation of who God has created us to be. This is the second stage: “identity”. Once we understand our identity we then begin to understand our authority. As we understand our authority, the love that has filled our hearts begins to spill forth in the final stage which is “revival”. The more that we spend time in the secret place and allow Holy Spirit to refine our identity, the more that revival becomes inevitable around us.

Luc Niebergall
Royal Identity Ministries
Email: Info@royalidentity.org
Website: royalidentity.org

Bio: Luc Niebergall lives in Calgary, Alberta with his wife Sophie. He is the founder and director of ‘Royal Identity Ministries’. Luc functions as an itinerant minister and extensively trains and equips the Body of Christ in many topics such as, leadership, the prophetic ministry and the miraculous. Having a high value for the prophetic ministry, Luc serves the Body of Christ as a prophetic voice by developing healthy prophetic cultures where God can move and speak. Luc is also the author of three books, ‘Reigning as Royalty’, ‘A Letter to Forerunners’ and ‘A Timeless Journey’.


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