I see you: A nurse’s tale



He lays in the hospital bed stiffly on his back, oxygen tubing in his nose. Hands disfigured by rheumtoid arthritis. The stubbly grey whiskers and awkward stiff positioning on the pillows under his head shout “I’m old! I’m so weak! I hurt so bad!”. My heart goes out to this man as I think to myself: “Who are you? Really. When you were young did you like to run full out to the edge of a cliff skidding to an abrupt halt just because you could, stopping your mommy’s heart in the process? Were you the class clown or the genius in the front row dying to be called on? Did you earn medals and awards or rise to the top in your profession commanding great respect and approval of your peers and those you managed?” These are just a few of the thoughts that race through my mind as…

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