Thank God for Norman Rockwell


Today, while my husband is doing his finish work to prepare the frame over our dock for summer wear and tear, I have been given the freedom to engage in artistic pursuits.  Yesterday Ken found a huge, amazing book of Norman Rockwell paintings and drawings in the local library.  For me! πŸ˜†   so, I am trying my hand with pen on this lovely painting titled Looking Out to Sea.  Not everyone is perfect but there are some that are so inspiring that you want to press into their moves and if at all possible  reproduce what they’ve got going.  This is true for fans of every genre from media to science to athletics, musicians, teachers and many more but the cutest is when a little child gets their dad’s swagger down.  We are told in the Bible to have the mind of Christ, take on His attitudes, His swagger.  The Apostle Paul said what you’ve heard me say and seen me do, do them.  If you’ve listened to Graham Cooke he says we are called to be brilliant, like Jesus.  If people ask what Jesus is like we can say “A little like me.”  when the disciples asked Jesus to show them God He said if you’ve seen me you’ve seen the Father.  The name Christian, little Christ,  was initially meant to be derogatory but was embraced by Jesus followers.  Jesus Himself said He only did what He saw the Father doing.  As we practice the moves more and more of the One who loves perfectly the more we will take on His swagger, not pride but joy, not self serving but initiating and reaching out to care for and bring out the best in others. 

Heavenly Father help me to better see your moves.  You said you are a Spirit and we must worship You in spirit and truth.  Cause me know Your truth is meant to free and empower me and upgrade my faith.  Cause my heart to  always be looking for ways to encourage, empower and release others to be all you have called them to be.

Jesus, you are always in agreement with the Father.  You placed Yourself in submission to His will.  You did not insist on coming to earth in a blaze of glory but instead showed us that humility comes before promotion.  I want to be a good listener.  I want to embrace your heart of love over adulation and self importance.  Jesus, You said when I do what You say I am Your friend.  I always want to be Your friend.

Holy Spirit, You are my Teacher, my Guide and Counselor.  You empower me to exercise self control, to be kind and grateful, joyful and wise, fearless and courageous.  Give me ears to hear You speak and determination to obey.  Keep my heart soft and yielded to Your voice.

Thank You Father for sending Jesus.  Thank You Jesus for Your sacrifice. You, for all the joyous anticipation of having me with You forever thought I was worth it.  And thank you Holy Spirit for sealing me for eternity  in the Kingdom of Light and for working inside me to become more like YOU.  Awesome!


7 thoughts on “Thank God for Norman Rockwell

  1. To date since I have been following blogs here (a couple of months) your blog is my favorite! I love your term “His swagger” love it! My blog is basically about art but I am in the mindset and spiritual longing as you mentioned here in your blog. What a treasure it was to read it! Blessings!


    1. Wow Margaret,, I just now saw your comment and I apologize for not seeing and responding sooner. All I can say is God’s timing is perfect and His ways beyond our understanding. I am so glad that your heart is also longing for the Lord. It’s the poor in spirit He blesses with the promise that they will see God. Wooowhooo! Every day as we seek we will see Him more and more. Keep looking sweetie, and let me know what you see!

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  2. Yes! woohoo! I had forgotten all about my comment and I just re-read your post and then what I wrote, you wrote and I have to say that His timing is so awesome because it really taps into what I have been working on of late….that my art reflects Him and that I get out of the way, my pride and ego to relent to His perfect hand (and plan). πŸ™‚ this feels like a confirmation and I am glad that you are late in responding because it was by design. πŸ™‚


    1. More and more I am confirmed that my steps are ordered by the Lord. Because He is intimately engaged in creating and perfecting His work in my life I can trust in His heart and intentions when what appears to be disappointment or a blind turn. Now I truly can rejoice knowing He’s got something wonderful and exciting up His sleeve.

      One thing that has driven a change in my blogging on my original wordpress site, is that I used up all my free space so, unless I pay for an upgrade all my posts are a reblog of other blog posts or writings. This has open great doors for sharing my latest favorite: Graham Cooke! If you haven’t heard of read his sermons you are in for a TREAT!!!

      I’ve retired as of last September so my big vision for are back burnered until my life settles into a more coherent pace. We have been and will continue remodeling on 2 fronts: our home in Anaheim and our get away in Lake Arrowhead. Also we’re committed to serving in our church and small group at the Vineyard Church of Anaheim. Thank God He is about managing our time because then it’s all good even when I’m not sure if I’m coming or going!β™‘β™‘β™‘

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      1. I have been learning to release my art to the Lord, at times I get in the way…well, most of the time! check out this post about part of that journey: It sounds like exciting times for you. I am familiar with the Vineyard church some time ago… regards to blogging I guess I didn’t realize until a month ago that a blog address is free up to a point….something I will have to think about. Can you link your followers to your old site? any pointers on this? evidently I will have to think about it. Nice talking with you! I am looking forward to your posts. I will check out your old blog. πŸ™‚


  3. Margaret! Your intuitive painting is GLORIOUS! It reminds me of my photos of flowers when I magnify to the center. The yellows are bright and full of vivid light and the center draws you in to press closer, lean in, discover more. I love it!

    Someday, Lord willing, I will take your challenge to just be still, listen and just take my art into a dance with God!β™‘β™‘β™‘


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