The prayer of Manasseh

Manassas succeeded his father, Hezekiah, as king over Judah.  Unlike his father who restored the temple of God and brought the nation of Judah back into worshiping the God of Abraham,  Isaac, and Jacob, he turned the nation to follow the gods and idols of the surrounding nations.  2 Chronicles 33 says (v. 2) he did evil in the sight of God following the detestable  practices of the nation’s the Lord had driven before Israel.  Manasseh worshipped (v.3-7) the stars, sacrificed his sons, practiced sorcery, divination, witchcraft and consulted mediums and spiritists.  He carved an idol and set it up in the temple of God.  God sent messengers to warn Manasseh but he paid no attention so God humbled him by sending the commanders from the king of Assyria to take him prisoner who (v. 11) put a hook in his nose, bound him in bronze shackles and took him from Babylon.  The Bible says he cried out to God in his distress and God heard him.

Here is the record of his prayer.  It was not included in the canonized Scripture but it is definitely worth reading and knowing.  May we all have ears to hear.


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