Art with a purpose: Creating to bless!

I made a card for Ed’s funeral.  His daughter said he wanted to be considered a man’s man so she passed along a pic of him shooting and another that I’m used to.  Ed with a big grin on his face.  On Sundays he was always at the front of the altar during worship.  I know by his beaming face he was connecting to the Throne room and adding his voice to the countless redeemed in the presence of our GOOD, GOOD GOD.♡

Here’s  the card I made for Americo’s funeral last week.  He’s the husband of my husband’s first cousin.  His funeral was hugely attended.  He worked for the Clovis police for 35 years and was assistant sheriff for the last 9 years. He was also a veteran so he had a changing of the guard 3 times on each side of his casket during the service, a presenting of the flag to his wife graveside and bagpipes before and after the service.  Spectacular!

Finally, a birthday card for our daughter.  Can’t believe she just turned 35!  Especially since I’m just 32! “)

There is no greater joy than making a one of a kind gift and sending along words of comfort and encouragement.

Now it’s your turn!♡♡♡


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