Janice Wood: Thought for the day


He’s higher than the mountains we face.

He takes the beautiful and makes it spectacular.

And when the petals fall we still reflect the image of God who holds us in every season.

And, lest we forget, even the things that make us squirm have a place in our lives for they come from the mind and hand of God.  

So let us receive and rejoice and celebrate our Almighty God who rules and reigns over every man.  The final chapter of His-story has already been written.  He has declared our enemy defeated at the cross and our vengeance over the dreams and hopes and lives he has stolen from us has been assured.  God has saved each and every one of our tears, tagged and labeled in His bottle.  We believers and followers of THE WAY He calls his children, warriors and arrows in His arsenal.  We are His posse called to proclaim the goodness of Him who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.

All glory to the King!


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